Where Your Treasure Is - May 23 - 29, 2021 Podcast

May 22nd, 2021

Many Christians practice idolatry every day without realizing it, some without really caring that they are.

This episode is a discussion of idolatry and why it matters so much right now, and where our real treasures should be.

This episode includes one prophetic message for an unknown listener.


Beautiful Model: Marcayla Noelle, used by permission.

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All Prophetic Show for Week of May 16 - 22, 2021

May 16th, 2021

This week’s podcast is an all prophetic episode full of words for unknown listeners, and includes discussions about Salvation, Baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost.

Also a discussion about handling the anxieties of living in the end of the end times.

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Rizpah Revisited and a Prophetic Word to Mothers

May 8th, 2021

When you intercede for your lost children and loved ones, do you ever feel like Rizpah, like you’re just covering up the dead?  Do you feel like you're barely hanging on? Do you sometimes feel like giving up, because you don’t see anything changing? If you do, you are not alone.

I was researching Rizpah in the Bible, and writing a teaching on her when the Lord spoke a prophetic message to me for all Mothers who are believing for their children to be saved, so this was not exactly the podcast I had planned, but I realized it actually relates to Rizpah, it’s about all of us who pray for our children each day.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.


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Go Where, Lord?

May 6th, 2021

Has the Lord ever told you to move but not where you were going? Are you feeling led to pack up and go now, but you have no further instructions? If so, you are not alone. He also led Abram, later Abraham, in this way and many of those who walk closely with Him are right now being led in this way.

Moving without a known destination is a strong test of your faith but when you arrive at your destination and watch God’s provision for you manifest, your faith will be strengthened as never before.

I share my story of how the Lord gave me the destination one tiny step at a time. I had just enough information to keep moving towards it, and to arrive at just the right time.

In this podcast, I share an excerpt from my book, The Wilderness Companion, when the Lord told me to pack up and move but I had no idea where I was going.

Link to my book The Wildlerness Companion:


Also see  The Wilderness Companion Study Guide with even more learning about the wilderness, both available on amazon.com.

Sorry the sound is a little up and down on this recording.


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