What the Lord has Shown Us About the End Times with Special Guest Ray Bergman - Jan 9 - 15, 2022

January 9th, 2022

Everyone can see our world is turned upside down. Everyone can see nothing is normal, though we all long for normal to return. Everyone can see something is terribly, terribly wrong.


What is coming for the people of God in these end times? Will we be caught up in the judgments or will we be spared somehow? Is there any way to be sure of anything any more?


On this episode of Just Praise Him Radio, Ray Bergman of Innocence Redeemed joins Glynda for a discussion of what they have each been shown and told about what is fast approaching and what God’s instructions are to His people.


Also in this episode, Glynda reveals something the Lord never did before this episode, that happened just before recording.


This is Part 1 and a second episode will follow shortly.


Ray Bergman’s Site:




To contact Ray, go to the About section.

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