The Feather and the Sword - Part 2

September 2nd, 2015

This show discusses sexual immorality and may not be suitable for children or younger listeners.

We continue our interview with Christian Author and Speaker Jay Hudson this week, where we hear about his visit to church and how he got saved. Hear what the Lord spoke to Jay about homosexuals in the end times. He takes us inside the way they think and how they see God and Christians.

Also in this episode: Do's and Don'ts of HOW to witness to a person involved in homosexuality.

Learn about the three main spirits we are dealing with in the end times - God revealed them to Jay, and he shares them with us!

Jay is the author of No, I Was Not Born Gay, on He is presently also publishing The Feather and the Sword about how to witness to those in the homosexual lifestyle, and The Devil's Misfits, which includes more of his testimony and what that life is like.

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