Commanding the Storm - March 20 - 26th, 2022

March 22nd, 2022

In light of the massive tornadic storm system moving across the southern U.S. right now, I thought it would be helpful to do a refresher on how to command the storms and all the destruction in them away from yourself and those you love.

The storm prayer I read in this is on the JPH site, in the Prayers tab. It is called Prayer Against Destructive Storms.


Steps I covered:

* Armor up

* Anoint your house and door posts

* Pray Psalm 91 over yourself & those you love

* Pray against the storm itself

* Strip the witchcraft & weather manipulation out of the storm

* Command the storm to lift up & pass over your town

* Praise God !! for without the precious Blood of Jesus & the authority of His Name, we could not do this!

After following the steps I outlined in this podcast and praying the storm prayer, I saw in the spirit my house, with signs like property signs that said JESUS all around it and then I saw they were all around the property line, too!  His Word works!

Here is the storm prayer for your convenience:


Lord, I just come to You right now. And Lord, I do ask for protection from these storms. I ask that You would protect all that I own, and the people that I love, in Jesus Name from any death or destruction in these storms.

Storm and approaching storm system, I speak to you now. In Jesus Mighty Name, the Name above ALL  names, I strip all witchcraft and ALL weather manipulation out of you and I cast it into the deepest pit in the Abyss where it is forbidden to EVER return again for all eternity.  I speak to the destruction in you, storm. And I command, that you may NOT come to my house, in the Name of Jesus. You may NOT damage anything that I own wherever located, in the Name of Jesus. You may NOT touch my person. You may NOT harm my pets. You may NOT harm anyone that I love, in Jesus mighty Name. And you may NOT destroy their property in Jesus name.  

I apply the precious Blood of Jesus, to the doorposts of my house, and the door posts of the house of every person that I love right now, in Jesus Name. And I command you destruction, you must pass over or go around us in the Name of Jesus. In the Name of Jesus. Lord I know, You are mightier than the waves. And I know, that You are  mightier than any wind. And I praise You Lord God, for the precious Name of Jesus, for the Blood of Jesus, and for the authority we have in Christ. Thank you for Your protection, Lord God.


After I prayed the Storm Prayer against the storms and recorded Commanding the Storm sharing the steps and prayer, I was sitting here working and I saw in the spirit my house, and signs were all around it like real estate signs, that said JESUS .  It was as if He had staked His ownership in and placed His own Name all around my house!  And then I saw the same signs around my property line.  WOW - praying like this works, yall!



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