Billy Williams - Activating the Miraculous - Pt 1

February 11th, 2021

Minister Billy Williams has seen 5 people raised from the dead. He has laid hands on numerous people and seen miracles, signs and wonders – miraculous healings. Today he shares his knowledge with us about how we should all be walking in miracles and how we can activate the miraculous through the power of Jesus Christ as we minister to others.

Included in this Episode:

How do you walk each day in the miraculous signs & wonders you see in the Bible?

Three things you MUST believe to walk in the miraculous

Also explained: 3 baptisms in the Word of God.

A discussion of The Great Commission.

A discussion of  the Love of God.

Miracle Testimony of the Wallet


You can contact Minister Billy Williams at:


Resurrection Ministries, International

PO Box 268

Texas City, TX 77592


Photo by Tom Bixler. Used with permission.

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