Stuck in the Wilderness

September 25th, 2021

Are you in a wilderness season or a season of refining? Do you feel stuck? It IS possible to get stuck in a desert season.

Learn some of the things that can cause you to get stuck or cause you to have to make return trips into the desert. What are the pitfalls to avoid?

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Angry All the Time

September 19th, 2021

Many people are experiencing severe anger all the time over current events and the state of our country and government. If this is you, you need to hear this.

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What have Your Words Been Doing Lately - Sept 5th - 11th, 2021

September 11th, 2021

A refresher on the power of our words. As we move forward in this time, knowing what we know about the time of lack that will soon be upon us as judgment hits our nation and others, it is very important our words are speaking life and not death.

To prove to yourself if your words have power or not - (and anyone around you you want to convince), do the Rice Experiment!  Watch this video for how a Christian woman on YouTube proved it – she did it for 30 days and shows the results:

Do the Rice Experiment and post about your results in the comments -

I'm sorry, yall - I was a little scattered on this msg. When I can tell yall the story of what I'm going through, you will know just how tired I was when I wrote and recorded this over a period of several days. I meant to go back and add the other scriptures and I forgot!

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All Prophetic Show for Week of Aug 29 - Sept 4, 2021

September 2nd, 2021

An all prophetic show with many prophetic messages for unknown listeners. Could one of them be for you?

I pray you are blessed as you listen.

Prophet Jay Hudson:

No funeral details known at this time, possibly because his wife is still in hospital. I am hoping there will be an online condolence book we can all sign at some point.



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