How To Know When the End Will Come - Signs of the End

March 28th, 2018

Everyone wants to know when the end will come. How can we know when it is really the end?

In this message, I share how you really can know when it is the end.

This podcast also includes a word of knowledge for an unknown listener…

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The False Promotion Test

March 12th, 2018

This week's podcast is about a new revelation I received about the False Promotion Test.  This was a completely new revelation for me, and I looked back on my life and saw where I myself had also failed this test.

This podcast also includes two words of knowledge for unknown listeners.

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Rebuking Illnesses with No Name

March 9th, 2018

Have you ever come down with an illness and you can't figure out what it is or how to treat it? What did you do? 

A discussion about rebuking illnesses you cannot name.

Link to Prophet Jay's new book, The Feather & the Sword, on Amazon:



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How to Develop Intimacy with God

March 1st, 2018

I get many, many emails asking me how to develop intimacy with the Lord to the point you can hear Him speak. In this episode, I explain some starting points and how I started out.

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