How to Survive the New Normal

February 16th, 2017

In this podcast, I share what the Lord has told me or shown me about what is coming in these end times.

I also share here, for the first time ever, about an open vision He gave me as I was driving on my move to where I am now, and it's pretty scary. Not recommended for children or anyone who scares easily.

How do we survive what may become our new normal? I share here what I asked the Lord about that, and what He said.


Glynda Lomax

P.O. Box 75

Franklin, AR 72536-0075


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A Warning to America

February 10th, 2017

For the last week or more, I have been receiving very serious warning words from the Lord. Usually the words are interspersed with some more encouraging type words, but not now. I already have words through February 16th uploaded, and they are all of the same tone.

This episode includes a sneak peak of one upcoming word.

This episode also includes words of knowledge for one or more unknown listeners.




Glynda Lomax

P.O. Box 75

Franklin, AR 72536

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