Christians Practicing Witchcraft

October 31st, 2012

Are you a Christian who does witchcraft? Many Christians practice witchcraft on a regular basis and attract demonic spirits to themselves by doing it.  If you are a Christian who is trying to get free of demonic affliction and the spirits keep coming back, this may be why. Intro/outro song sung by Beverly Baker -


BREAKING GENERATIONAL CURSES - Pt 8 of Spiritual Warfare Ser

October 26th, 2012

On tonight's show I talk about identifying and breaking generational curses, giving brief examples from the Bible and sharing what the Lord revealed to me about how they manifest. Included are step by step instructions - how I pray to break them off my own life and command any demons operating under them to leave.  


Attack of the Seducing Spirits

October 24th, 2012

On tonight's program I will be talking about 1 Timothy 4:1 - Seducing Spirits and Doctrines of Devils and how the enemy is attacking through them now. Strong Christians are being led off the path in these end times by these spirits. If you're in a close walk with God, these same spirits will show up at your doorstep as well. Every Christian needs to understand the way they will attack and try to seduce you so you will recognize them when they come, and defeat them. Also: What to do about soul ties of a deceased spouse Frankie's Story Intro/outro song sung by Beverly Baker -



October 19th, 2012

On tonight's show, Carrie Jones (patriotresearchgal), who brought us the Power Couples word last year and I will discuss a major move regarding marriages the Lord is doing right now. Carrie will discuss deep revelations the Lord has given her about marriage and the spiritual significance of various related issues.



October 17th, 2012

On tonight's show, I talk about the generational Curse of Abuse and what the Lord revealed to me about it. The discussion includes various ways the curse will manifest and gives step-by-step instructions for how to remove this curse from your life. PROPHETIC WORD RELEASE:  WALK FREE   Intro/outro song sung by Beverly Baker


Spiritual Warfare Pt 7 - Discerning the Spirit of Fear

October 12th, 2012

On tonight's show I will be discussing a message the Lord specifically gave me for this show, about discerning the Spirit of Fear vs. the emotion of fear. Also: * Why the enemy sends fear to attack you * What fear will cause in your life * How to counter attacks of fear * Why you cast out the Spirit of Fear and it keeps coming back The enemy does not want you to hear this message, I was attacked while just making the notes for the show.  Also, during this show, the Lord speaks prophetically to a number of listeners - five or six different prophetic messages are included. Is one of them yours?


Encouragement for Those Trying To Get Free of Soul Ties

October 10th, 2012

On tonight's episode, I will share what the Lord has revealed to me about Soul Ties, and important tips on breaking them once and for all. I have received numerous emails from believers trying to get free of soul ties from old relationships that don't seem to be broken, even after praying to break them. I will discuss some of the reasons Soul Ties may  still be in place. It is possible to get free of them!   Intro/outro song sung by Beverly Baker


Encouragement for Those Being Attacked By the Enemy

October 3rd, 2012

On tonight's program, I will be reading a new prophetic word called 'Now Is the Time of My Great Plan,' and discussing recent attacks by the enemy, especially attacks on our emotions and our loved ones sent to distract us.   Intro/outro song sung by Beverly Baker